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for Accreditation

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BSCA documents


PL SM 4.3-2015 Impartiality Policy

Agreement on impartiality with Regulatory Authority

PL SM 4.6.2-2016 Policy on Implementation of CEN/TS 15675:2007

PL SM 5.2.1-2017 Quality Policy

PL SM 7.0-2015 Policy on Metrological Traceability of Measurements Results

PL SM 7.9-2016 Policy on Transition to a new Registration Number of The Accreditation Certificate of Laboratories and Inspections

PL SM 7.9.3-2015 Policy on Cross Border Accreditation

PL SM 7.11-2016 Policy on Surveillance of Accredited CABs

PL SM 7.15-2015 Policy on Participation of Applicant and accredited CABs in Proficiency Testing

PL SM 8.2.4-2013 BSCA Policy on Transition to a New Standard or New Revisions of a Standard

PL SM 8.3-2017 BSCA Policy on the use of Accreditation Symbols and References to Accreditation

Policy on Transfer to STB ISO/IEC 27006-2017

Policy on Implementation STB ISO 50003-2017

Policy on Transition to STB ISO 9001-2015

Policy on Transition to STB ISO 14001-2017

Policy on Transition to STB ISO/TS 22003-2015


P SM 4.2-01-2017 Provision on the Technical Accreditation Committees

P SM 4.3-2017 Provision on the Impartiality Council

P SM 6.2-2017 Provision on the Attestation Commission

Documented procedures:

DP SM 4.0-01-2017 Risk Management at State Enterprise “BSCA”

DP SМ 4.6-2015 Extending to a new Scope of Accreditation Activity in the field of Conformity Assessment

DP SM 5.3-01-2017 Management System Documents Control

DP SM 5.8-2015 Management Review

DP SM 5.9-2015 Handling of Complaints (modification No 2 is being translated)

DP SM 6-02-2017 Management of Personnel involved in the Accreditation Process

DP SM 6-03-2017 Management of Personnel

DP SM 7-02-2016 Sampling of Certification Bodies

DP SM 7-03-2015 Sampling for Assessment of Laboratories and Inspection Bodies

DP SM 7-04-2017 On-Site Assessment

Work Instructions:

RI SM 6-01-2015 Order for Estimating Sufficiency of Assessors

RI SM 6-02-2017 Order for Initial Preparation of Personnel involved in Accreditation Process

RI SM 6-03-2017 Order for Monitoring of BSCA Personnel involved in the Accreditation Process

RI SM 7-01-2014 Order of Contracting for the Conduct of Accreditation Works

RI SM 7-03-2014 Classification of Nonconformities

RI SM 7-05-2016 Classifier of areas of Activity in the field of Conformity Assessment (Laboratories)

RI SM 7-07-2017 Classifier of areas of Activity in the field of Conformity Assessment (Certification Bodies)

Other documents are provided in Russian - to access them use the following link BSCA documents


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