In accordance with the requirements of Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 437-З of October 24, 2016 On Assessment for Compliance with Technical Requirements and on Accreditation of Conformity Assessment Bodies and the Accreditation Rules accredited CABs can apply accreditation symbol to demonstrate their accreditation status.

The order of application of accreditation symbol and text reference to accreditation, combined ILAC MRA mark and text reference to ILAC MRA signatory status is set in documented procedure DP SM 4.3-2020 developed taking into account ILAC requirements.

· ILAC-P8 ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (Arrangement): Supplementary Requirements for the Use of Accreditation Symbols and for Claims of Accreditation Status by Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies;

According to DP SM 4.3-2020 accredited CABs can demonstrate their actual accreditation status to their clients using one of the ways that are offered in the procedure:

· application of accreditation symbol that is unique for each accredited CAB;

· application of text reference (claim) to accreditation;

· application of combined ILAC MRA mark or application of text reference (claim) to the status of ILAC MRA signatory.

Register of CABs that received the right to use combined marks


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