BSCA conducts training courses in the following areas:

BSCA has developed and implemented a process of initial training of personnel involved in the accreditation process RI SM 6-01. The initial assessment of the assessor's competence includes determining the ability to apply the necessary knowledge and skills during the assessment.

Professional development of BSCA personnel is carried out within the internal training system or through participation in external training. The training of new personnel is carried out under the supervision of a mentor appointed by the head of the relevant department. The requirements and procedures for basic training and continuing education for lead experts on accreditation, assessors, experts and internal auditors are documented in DP SM 6-03 .

In order to ensure the required level of qualification and development of practical skills of accreditation experts and technical experts on accreditation, training courses are designed on a module basis.

The TRN training course Training of Accreditation Experts, Technical Experts on Accreditation, Accreditation Organisers, and Persons Making Decisions on Accreditation includes:

The content of the same training course module programmes varies depending on their purposes, participant categories the training courses are intended for (candidates for accreditation experts, accreditation experts, technical experts on accreditation, etc.) and areas of activity of a participant group.

The effectiveness of training is determined by the results of testing at the end of each training.


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