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Following the principles laid down in ILAC-G3 BSCA has developed and implemented a modular training system for its assessors.

BSCA documented procedure DP SM 6-01 describes the procedure for training of assessors involved in the accreditation process.

BSCA conducts modular trainings for assessors and technical experts before they officially confirm their competence and are thus included into the Register of assessor and technical experts of the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus.

Accreditation procedures, accreditation criteria (including EA, ILAC, IAF documents) and other relevant requirements are covered in modular trainings (modules 1-4) which are mandatory for assessors and must be completed prior to involving the assessor to accreditation. Regular training help ensure assessors' familiarity with accreditation documents and criteria.

Modular approach is applied so as to take account for individual knowledge and experience of participants.

The need for training is determined by monitoring of the staff involved in the accreditation process. The effectiveness of training is determined by testing at the end of each training.


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