Belarusian State Centre

for Accreditation


BSCA conducts assessments of conformity assessment bodies, that performs conformity assessment activities, including:

  • testing;
  • calibration;
  • medical testing;
  • inspection;
  • certification of products and services;
  • certification of management systems;
  • certification of persons;
  • proficiency testing providers.

The criteria for BSCA activities and the criteria for accreditation schemes for conformity assessment bodies are established in PL SM 4.6.1-2019 POLICY ON THE ACTIVITIES OF THE STATE ENTERPRISE «BSCA», ACCREDITATION SCHEMES.

Application of EA, ILAC, IAF documents for the purposes of accreditation is prescribed by clause 6 Chapter 1 of legal act “Accreditation Rules” was adopted and registered in the National Register of Legal Acts of the Republic of Belarus (N 8/24689 of 12 January 2012), as amended by the Resolution of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus of June 19, 2017 No. 49 and Resolution of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus of 26 June 2019 No 39 (National Register of Legal acts of the Republic of Belarus - N 8/34538 of 4 September 2019) .

EA, ILAC, IAF documents are periodically reviewed - a list of current versions of documents must be checked with the document EA-INF/01 «List of EA Publications and International Documents»

The texts of EA, ILAC, IAF documents in the original language are available on EA, ILAC and IAF websites. Documents translated into Russian are provided in the Accreditation Information System, and can also be obtained at the BSCA upon request (e-mail bsca@bsca.by).

The lists of resolutions of EA, ILAC and IAF General Assemblies are published on the official websites of these organizations:

EA resolutions;

ILAC resolutions;

IAF resolutions.


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