On the application of accreditation symbol in accordance with the Accreditation Rules

In accordance with the Accreditation Rules approved by the Resolution of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus No. 27 of May 31, 2011, as amended and supplemented by No. 49 of June 19, 2017, an accredited CAB may post information on the status of accreditation on certificates of conformity, certificates of competence, test reports, calibration certificates, certificates of verification, certificates of metrological confirmation of the suitability of measurement procedures (tests), interlaboratory comparisons and reporting materials, which a CAB issues according to the accreditation scope. Attaching the information on the status of accreditation is carried out by applying the accreditation symbol or a reference to accreditation.

The procedure for the use of the accreditation symbol and references to accreditation is described in the documented procedure DP SM 8.3-2017 "Application of accreditation symbols and references to accreditation", which is posted on the official web-site of the State Enterprise "BSCA" www.bsca.by in the section "About BSCA"/" BSCA Documents".

We also inform you that the accreditation symbol and/or a reference to accreditation should be applied by an accredited CAB in such a way that it does not mislead interested parties both regarding the identification of the accredited CAB and in its accreditation scope.


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