EEC published the "White Book" containing info on the obstacles in the market of the EAEU

The obstacles to the domestic market of the Eurasian Economic Union and plans for their elimination are mentioned in the report of the Eurasian Economic Commission “Barriers, exemptions and restrictions of the EAEU”, or the so-called "White Book". It was published on the official EEU website on March, 31st.

The report contains the terminology of obstacles to the free movement of goods, services, capital, labour in the internal market of the Union developed by the EEC jointly with the Member States. Barriers are considered as obstacles that do not comply with the EAEU right. Restrictions are obstacles that have arisen because of the absence of legal regulation of economic relations, the development of which is provided by the law of the Union. Exemptions are the exceptions (derogations) in the law of the EAEU about the non-application by the member state of the general rules for the functioning of the internal market of the Union.

In total, the "White Book" lists 60 agreed obstacles existing in the internal market of the Union. 17 of them are exemptions, 34 - restrictions, and the remaining 9 - barriers.

The EEC Council decided to consider the issues on agreement of obstacles from the register of barriers, exemptions and restrictions by the Member States at each meeting, followed by adding them to the current edition of the “White Book”. Upon agreement of the full list of obstacles, it will become a starting point for the evaluation of the integration vector of the Union.

The ‘White Book’ also contains information on the “road maps” that are to be developed - action plans to reduce the number of exceptions and restrictions with fixed deadlines for the elimination by each country of the EAEU. The first of them is planned to be submitted this summer in the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council.



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