BSCA peer evaluated by EA team

November 20-24, 2017 the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus was assessed by the EA team to joint an EA bilateral agreement (EA BLA) in the applied areas of accreditation (Testing, Calibration, Management System Certification, Personnel Certification, Product Certification).

EA evaluation team composed of assessors representing accreditation bodies from Turkey, France, Germany, Denmark, Ukraine, Switzerland, evaluated compliance of the Belarusian State Centre for Accreditation with the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 765/2008, ISO/IEC 17011:2004 and EA, ILAC, IAF documents.

Besides the office evaluation which comprised of discussions with BSCA staff, review of BSCA management system documents, analysis of accredited CAB’s cases, the evaluation included witnessing of on-site assessments at testing laboratory, calibration laboratory, persons certification body, products certification body, management systems certification body.

The team is confident that BSCA will operate according to the international standards and requirements under the condition of proper closure of the findings and recommends that BSCA becomes signatory to the EA BLA for:

The EA team expressed sincere gratitude to the management and staff of BSCA for hospitality, active contribution and fair cooperation, as well as all the efficient arrangements made for the good progress of the peer evaluation visit.


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