34th meeting of EA Laboratory Committee

The EA Laboratory Committee (EA LC), hosted by DAkkS, the German NAB met on 25-27 September 2017 in Berlin.

The first day in the afternoon, a workshop was proposed. It gathered nearly 60 participants representing 43 NABs and 6 stakeholders keen to discuss the new ISO/IEC 17025 and how to prepare for its implementation. A lot of fruitful discussions and consistent feedback given by the 6 sub-groups will be used to design the LC train-the-trainer workshop to be held in January in Paris, at COFRAC premises. During the plenary EA LC meeting, several issues were discussed:

- EA Strategy 2025: a TFG was appointed to review and identify critical areas where harmonization would be needed, in order to define clearly the activities in terms of their “accreditability” for new schemes and consider a preferred standard to be used.

- EEE-PT WG report: the LC agreed to mandate the EA LC Management Group to review the results of the survey circulated by the WG on the use of EA-4/18 and propose a new work item (NWI) for the revision of EA-4/18 Guidance on the level and frequency of proficiency testing participation. The EEE-PT WG is ready to revise the document, as required by EA. The MG will report back to the WG before their November 2017 meeting.
Regarding the Guidelines for the assessment of ILC with few participants in the accreditation process, the LC approved the final draft and decided to circulate it for a reduced 30-days EA comment period.

The EEE-PT WG reviewed EA-3/04 Use of Proficiency Testing as a Tool for Accreditation in Testing and recommends its withdrawal.

- EURACHEM report: the LC agreed to reconsider whether EA-4/14 Selection and Use of Reference Materials shall be maintained as an EA separate document when the EURACHEM mirror document on Selection and Use of Reference Materials will be available for review.

- Cooperation with EGOLF – Accreditation for EXAP standards: LC appointed COFRAC (the French NAB), DAkkS (the German NAB), ENAC (the Spanish NAB), BELAC (the Belgian NAB), ACCREDIA (the Italian NAB), UKAS (the English NAB) as the members of the EGOLF TFG and Tadeusz Matras, PCA (the Polish NAB) as the Convenor to investigate the accreditation practices in force in the scheme and the reasons why NABs are taking one route or another.

- Elections of LC MG members: the LC members elected:

- Revision of LC terms of reference: LC approved the revised terms of reference (ToR) with the additional change made to accommodate EUROLAB comment. The ToR will be submitted to the GA for endorsement in November.

- LC train-the-trainer workshop on ISO/IEC 17025 (January 2018): The LC confirmed that the workshop would be held in 2 x 2 days sessions, hosted by COFRAC, the French NAB. Each EA Full and Associate NAB member will be invited to send one delegate to one of the session.

- TN Food and Feed – Report: LC approved the draft Guidance on pesticides residues analysis and decided that it can be circulated for EA comments for a 60-days comment period.

- TN Environment: LC agreed that the TN will look into the point of the status of CEN TS 15675 and come up with a recommendation on whether it shall be withdrawn as a level 4 standard under the EA MLA.


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