Belarusian State Centre

for Accreditation

Human Resources

BSCA’s personnel policy is aimed at efficient employment of human resources and continuous professional development, thereby tackling foreground economic and social issues. BSCA gives priority to the training of the personnel and upgrading its technical qualification. To perform its accreditation activities, BSCA engages lead assessors and technical experts with the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience in the field of activity under evaluation.

Pursuant to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17011 and to develop professional competence of BSCA’s staff, the following measures  have been adopted:

  •  establishing criteria for the selection of assessors, based on a point rating system that evaluates knowledge, skills and experience of the candidates;
  •  designing a calculation method to determine sufficient number of personnel involved in the accreditation process
  •  developing a procedure on training and evaluation of assessors
  •  developing and implementing a modular training system, based on the international principles laid down in document ILAC-G3: 2008/2012.


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