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Technical Committees

Technical committees are established in the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus to provide access to technical expertise and to cover all technical fields in which BSCA is active. Technical committees address professional problems in specific activities and are composed of the professionals in specific areas including BSCA specialists.

In order to address narrow and specific issues a working group can be created within any Technical Committee. The main tasks of Technical Committees are:

  • addressing technical issues related to the assessment of conformity assessment bodies and preparing proposals for dealing with them;
  • harmonizing and developing common approach to accreditation of conformity assessment bodies;
  • evaluating assessors’ competence to confirm their qualification and to assign technical codes to them;
  • advising the Technical Commission for Accreditation on decision-making as requested.

At present there are 8 Technical Committees that focus on:

1) testing of food and agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, cosmetic products, which study biological objects, materials and liquids, and others;

2) ecology, environmental protection, occupational safety and health; medical laboratories;

3) electrical equipment and protection facilities, testing of communication equipment and communication lines, fiber-optic transmission lines, vehicles, machinery and equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, information technology facilities, medical equipment, measuring instruments, fireworks and explosives;

4) construction materials, products and installations, roads, chemicals and chemical products, wood and wood products, furniture, metals and alloys, packaging and closures, fuel, personal protection means, fire safety equipment, light industry products, ventilation and air conditioning;

5) calibration;

6) non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics;

7) inspection;

8) certification.

Technical Committees include competent technical assessors and experts in a particular field of activity. The rule for appointment, terms of reference and operation of Technical Committees are established in the Provisions on Technical Committees.


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