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Technical Commission for Accreditation

BSCA bears full authority and responsibility for accreditation decisions. The procedure for making accreditation decisions is described in documented procedure DP SM 7-05.

Decisions on accreditation are made collegially at the meetings of the Technical Commission for Accreditation (TKA) which acts in accordance with the documented terms of reference P SM 7.9.

Members of Technical Commission on Accreditation are competent BSCA personnel independent of the assessments which are submitted for decision-making. The list of decision-makers (about 30 persons) is updated regularly so as to reflect the results of monitoring of the decision-makers’ competence.

When appropriate members of technical committees can be invited to the meetings of the Technical Commission on Accreditation to provide technical expertise to make competent decision.

The meetings of the Technical Commission for Accreditation are normally held on a weekly basis. Unscheduled meetings can be held as necessary.

Competence criteria for decision-makers are laid down in the documented procedure “Management of personnel involved in accreditation process”.

Authority and responsibility for decisions

Functions and responsibilities of BSCA are laid down in the set of documents:

1) the Law on accreditation:

Article 49 Functions of the accreditation body (clauses 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 and 1.7 of this article relate to making accreditation decisions);

Article 54 Performing accreditation;

Article 55. Validity of accreditation certificates. Re-accreditation;

Article 56. Terms, conditions and procedures for suspending, renewing or withdrawing the accreditation certificate by the accreditation body;

2) the Legal Act “Accreditation Rules”:

Chapter 2 Powers of the National Accreditation Body, rights and obligations of applicants for accreditation and accredited bodies;

Chapter 3 Initial accreditation;

Chapter 4 Reaccreditation;

Chapter 7 Issuance, suspension, withdrawal of accreditation certificate;

Chapter 8 Surveillance;

Chapter 9 Application of accreditation symbols;

3) BSCA statute:

Article 1 General Provisions;

Article 2 Scope and objectives of activity;

Article 3 Functions;

Article 4 Rights and obligations of BSCA;

Article 7 Management of BSCA;

Article 8 Organization of BSCA activity;

Article 9 Accounting, reporting.

These documents empower BSCA:

  • to establishes accreditation procedures and perform assessments with the purposes of accreditation (initial, re-accreditation, surveillance on-site assessment, etc.) and;
  • to issue accreditation certificates and undertake actions in relation to the accreditation certificate (suspension, withdrawal, prolongation, etc.);
  • to cooperate internationally in order to create conditions for recognition of accreditation granted by BSCA;
  • to involve assessors and experts as necessary to ensure competence of accreditation;
  • to perform accreditation as an independent third party as required by the international principles and National accreditation system requirements. BSCA ensures non-discrimination, impartiality, objectivity and competence while making decisions on accreditation;
  • to prevent disclosure of confidential information;
  • to keep the Register of the National accreditation system (the Register of accredited CABs);
  • to performs attestation of assessors (official confirmation by the accreditation body of assessors’ competence to perform certain tasks);
  • to ensure that accredited CABs follow the rules for use of accreditation symbols.


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