Proficiency testing providers

Proficiency testing provider is the organization that is responsible for all task regarding developing and implementing a proficiency testing program (assessing a participant's performance against predetermined criteria through interlaboratory comparisons).

Proficiency testing is used by laboratories which apply for accreditation as well as accredited laboratories; proficiency testing is one of the key evidences of compliance with the established requirements in the field of activity as well as evidence of comparability of their results with the results of other laboratories.

Participation in proficiency testing programs is an essential and trendy tool for implementation of the requirements in GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, STB ISO 15189-2015 Medical laboratories. Requirements for quality and competence, in terms of fulfilling the conditions for recognizing the results of calibration/testing/measurements.

Proficiency testing makes for

Participation in proficiency testing programs is an important and essential tool for implementation of the requirements:

STB ISO/IEC 17025, GOST ISO/IEC 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

GOST ISO/IEC 17020 Conformity assessment. Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection

STB ISO 15189 Medical laboratories. Requirements for quality and competence

1.1 In accordance with BSCA Policy regarding participation of applicants and accredited CABs in proficiency testing BSCA recognizes the results from proficiency testing providers organized by:

1.1.1 Providers accredited for conformity with the requirements in ISO/IEC 17043 Conformity assessment. General requirements for the competence of proficiency testing providers by accreditation bodies signatories to ILAC MRA or other regional agreement recognized by ILAC, and the following bodies accredited by BSCA;
1.1.2 national metrological institutes within regional metrological organizations;
1.1.3 independent organizations such as accreditation bodies or ILAC, EA, APAC and IRMM /Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements;
1.1.4 regional and national reference laboratories;
1.1.5 organizers of proficiency testing programs at the national level which declare that they act in accordance with ISO/IEC 17043, possess the accredited laboratory, positive results of participation in proficiency testing programs at the regional/international level, experience of organizing proficiency testing programs at the national/international level.
1.2 BSCA publishes the information about providers and their proficiency testing programs on it official website, you can access this data using the appropriate web links.
1.3 There are certain scopes of calibration/testing/measurements/ verifications where participation in proficiency testing programs may be unreasonable or technically impossible, e.g. the corresponding proficiency testing programs proposed by the organisers of p. 1.1 are absent (the laboratory shall demonstrate documentary evidence of impossibility of participation in proficiency testing programs). In this case technical competence may be demonstrated through successful participation in interlaboratory comparisons between two or more laboratories. During the assessment of competence BSCA may accept the results of participation of the laboratory in interlaboratory comparisons after the interlaboratory comparisons report is analysed for conformity with ISO/IEC 17043.
1.4 BSCA also considers the results of implementation of other activities presented by laboratories which can confirm laboratory technical competence if there is no possibility to participate in proficiency testing programs and interlaboratory comparisons (the laboratory shall provide documentary evidence why participation is impossible). Such events may include: internal quality control of calibrations/testing/measurements/verifications, intralaboratory validation/verification of methods, comparison of the results obtained using different methods, use of objects with deliberately known characteristics for testing, analysis of blank samples and other forms of qualification assessment.

Within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) the Order for Organizing Interlaboratory Comparative Testing is adopted and approved in accordance with Decision No. 12 of EAEU Collegium of January 26, 2016. On December 23, 2023 amendments and additions approved by Decision of the EAEU Collegium of 20.12.2022 No. 196 On Amendments to the Procedure of Interlaboratory Comparative Testing (Interlaboratory Comparisons). This procedure sets the requirements to conduct of interlaboratory comparative testing with the aim of proficiency testing of accredited testing laboratories (centres) performing assessment of conformity of products with the requirements of EAEU technical regulations and included in the Unified Register of Conformity Assessment Bodies of the EAEU.

In order to implement this procedure, by order of Gosstandart dated 08.02.2017 No. 19, Gosstandart appointed an authorized body for conducting proficiency testing programs for accredited testing laboratories performing assessment of product compliance with the requirements of EAEU technical regulations the Belarusian State Institute of Metrology which is authorized to perform the following functions:

Information about foreign proficiency testing providers is available on website of the European electronic proficiency testing providers information system . This system has been operating since 1998 and currently comprises data over 3,000 proficiency testing providers (all continents are covered). The goal of EPTIS is to facilitate spreading of information about proficiency testing schemes to all interested parties: testing laboratories, accreditation bodies and regulators with the aim to develop international cooperation in the field of interlaboratory comparisons.

Interlaboratory comparisons and comparisons of measurement results in the Republic of Belarus for testing laboratories, calibration laboratories, verification laboratories

Interlaboratory comparisons/proficiency testing providers in EAEU and CIS

Information about accreditation of proficiency testing providers is available here

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