Organizational Structure

Approved by the Order of BSCA Director No 166 of December,1 2023.

BSCA is structured in such a way as to give confidence in its accreditations. This is achieved through collegial decision-making as well as bringing competent personnel to each function throughout the accreditation process. For this purpose BSCA established a number of supportive organs:

Impartiality Council (operates in accordance with the documented terms of reference P SМ 4.3) – this is the mechanism established to fulfill the requirement of clause 4.3 of ISO/IEC 17011;

Technical committees – these are advisory bodies which are to give their professional opinions as necessary while decision-making or evolving rules or policies concerning accreditation activities on specific fields;

Commission on assessors’ attestation (confirmation of competence) – this is a supportive organ which task is to officially conform that an applicant assessor is in compliance with the requirements of BSCA documented procedure on personnel ;

Technical commission on accreditation – this is a decision-making body which includes competent BSCA staff members independent of the assessments which are submitted for decision-making. The list of decision-makers is updated regularly so as to reflect the results of monitoring of the decision-makers’ competence. The commission operates in accordance with the documented terms of reference P SM 7.9).

Details on roles, responsibilities, powers, duties and obligations of each item from BSCA organization chart as well as each of supportive organs are provided in BSCA management system approved by BSCA Director.


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